BlueStarck Trading System Unlimited

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Content: Indicators: BlueTrernd.mq4, 10xBackground.ex4, Equinox_CCI.ex4, Blue_HA.mq4, Hydra Signals Indicator.ex4, Symbol changer profit display v5.ex4, BlueMarket_Info.mq4, Ultimate-Trend-Signals-v2-600.ex4, Template: BlueStack_Ultimate_Strategy.tpl, UserGuides: 03-BlueStarck System Install Guide.pdf, 04-BlueStarck System Ultimate Strategy.pdf, 05-Best Time To Trade!.pdf, 06-Compounding $1000 to $1Million in 3 Years Game Plan {Money Management}.xlsx, Video Tutorial’s: 22 Video’s – MT4 Platform


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