D-FX S&T5.21 v3.05 EA Unlimited MT4

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ATTENTION: this EA is very complex, has several manuals in Russian language pdf, I translated 80% for EN but did not translate what is written in the images.
has several presets, manuals, indicators, backtests.

I TESTED THE EXPERT AND IT WORKS IN REAL, I DO NOT GIVE SUPPORT. (please do not ask unnecessary questions)
who buy has to read the manuals, I do not give support.

has some strange characters in inputs (Russian language)
see the photo:

Multicavity Forex with algorithm of neural network consisting of 6 advisors.

Described below are 6 tactics used by Forex Advisor “D-FX, S&T 5.21”. Each tactic is supported by tests with a detailed description. Also note in the video that are in the eponymous tab on this page, you will see how the EA on different tactics, how to configure it, etc.

Advisor “D-FX, S&T 5.21” has been successfully tested by hundreds of traders and all of them are satisfied with the purchase.


  • Estimated yield 10-300% per month
  • Time frame is H4, M15, M30, M5
  • The minimum Deposit is $10
  • Leverage 1:500 — 1:1000
  • Opening a position “Buy”, “Sell”
  • Money management Is
  • Risk management Is


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