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1 expert ex4 / 1 user manual pdf and online / indicator / 4 presets / profiles

Trading robot for divergences

Divergence is the most reliable trading signals in the financial market. It is used in your trade all traders in the Forex and commodity markets.
In addition, it with high accuracy can predict a reversal or a trend continuation, so it still very easy to identify on the display and the chart.
But let’s first understand, what is a divergence. Divergence is the divergence of the price chart of the underlying asset and indicator that a reversal or the trend continuation (depending on the type of divergence).
In other words, the divergence is when the price chart appear new extremes (highs or lows), and the oscillator line – no. Or Vice versa – the indicator appear new all-time highs, while the chart no.
The divergence has its own types and types.
There are two types of divergence – bullish and bearish. When bullish divergence you look at lows prices and trade when the bearish – on the highs of the price and the indicator.
Also there are two types of divergence – positive and negative. Video divergence indicates a reversal in the current trend graph. Reverse divergence on the continuation of the current trend on the chart.
The easiest way to identify divergence on the RSI. It is the most convenient and efficient oscillator for this case, so its popularity is not surprising.

Our new development is 2019, which has no analogues – Forex expert Advisor Diverger X. The essence of the work is as follows:


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